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Published: Jul 02, 2017

MLM Insider Newsletter Volume 31 Issue 11



1. Current News
2. Article Of The Week:   Here’s Why You’re a Full-Time Spender but a Part-Time Earner (and how to fix it)
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1. Youngevity Takes Top Honor at Telly People's Choice Awards for 'Betterment' Video

2. Mannatech Brings Highest Grade Aloe Product in the World to Canada

3. New ZIJA Products Launched

4. Dietary supplement industry leader Genesis PURE announces corporate rebranding

5. BODE-PRO is opening Hong Kong in September



Do people who are financially free think differently than those who are not?
By: Bob Reina 

Of COURSE they do.

I’ve learned a lot of valuable life lessons over the past 25 years or so, as I went from an average policeman to a top earner in the direct selling industry, and then went on to create my own global company in 2007. The most powerful lesson of them all, however, was this: most people are prohibited from earning both money and time freedom because time is limited.

Consider the terms part-time and full-time, for example. That’s how you’ve been conditioned to categorize job opportunities, right? “Full-time” isn’t what you think it is, though. You’ve been misinformed.

You may work “full-time” in exchange for a steady paycheck, but you’re still selling yourself short. You’re fighting time, and time always wins.

Even if you never slept and you worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the maximum number of hours that you can earn on in any given week is 168.  Continue Reading




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