For 2016, we are conducting a very important Survey of Male and Female Network Marketing Company Distributors. The results of this survey will help both male and female distributors to pinpoint with incredible accuracy just who are the majority of participants in the network marketing companies of today. With this Demographical information, you as distributors will be able to have a more targeted market for sponsoring in future distributors. Imagine how much you will save on your prospecting expenses and just how many more new people you will sponsor in just by having a more accurate idea of who may be more interested in your business.
Very powerful indeed.
Please fill out the survey in it entirety.
This is not a test so take whatever time you need.
Thank you

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1. What is your age?*  

2. What is your race? *  

3. What state do you reside in? (US only)  

4. What country do you reside in? *  

5.  What is your primary occupation? *

6.  Were any other family members involved in MLM before you? (check as many as apply)*

7.  How many years have you been involved in MLM?
(please use two decimal places if necessary, i.e. 1.25 yrs.)*

8.  How many MLM companies have you been a distributor for in your life?*

9.  How many MLM companies are you a distributor for right now that you signed up in just to order products?*

10.  How many MLM companies are you a distributor for right now that you are trying to build a downline in? *

11.  What MLM company are you currently involved in (if more than one, which is your primary focus)? *

12. How likely are you to leave this company in the next 90 days?*

13. Which best describes your reason for leaving your last MLM company? (choose up to three)*

14. Which best describes your reason for joining your current company? (choose up to two) *

15. What is your current net (minus expenses) annual MLM income?(if involved less than one year, multiply your current monthly net income by 12)*

What is your current annual income from your occupation other than MLM?(If you insist, you may leave the box blank and skip this question)

17. What is the most amount of gross (total) income you've ever earned in MLM in a month?*

18. What is the minimum amount of monthly income you would have to achieve to consider yourself "successful"? In other words, what is your primary income goal (and anything over that is icing on the cake)?*

19. How many active distributors are in your entire downline (include those beyond the lowest level you are paid on - best estimates are okay)?*

20. How many hours per week do you devote to your MLM business?*

21. What is your preferred method of marketing (choose up to three)?*

22. Which of the following do you consider most important in the success of your business? (the one that's honestly most important to you)*

23. Rate how important each of the following aspects are to you on a scale of 1 to 5. *
1 not important, 2 little importance, 3 no opinion,
4 very important, 5 extremely important

Being recognized and appreciated by my upline and company

Company has annual conventions

Company management has MLM experience

Company has a good MLM attorney

Company donates to charities

Company is based in the US

Products are not tested on animals

Products are non-toxic and biodegradable

Packaging is environmentally friendly

24. Focusing only on this one aspect, would you prefer to be involved in a compensation plan that builds depth (encourages placing people one below the other) or width (encourages placing everyone across your first level)?*

25. Would you prefer your company's compensation plan to be:*

26. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate each type of compensation plan?
1 you hate it, 2 you dislike it, 3 you're indifferent or have no opinion, 4 you like it, 5 you love it






27. Rate your feelings about the following compensation plan aspects: *
1 not important, 2 little importance, 3 no opinion,
4 very important, 5 extremely important

Infinity bonuses

Generational bonuses

Matching bonuses

Bonus Pools

Monthly group volume quotas

Monthly personal volume quotas

28. Rate your feelings about the following types of product lines: *
1 not important, 2 little importance, 3 no opinion,
4 very important, 5 extremely important


Weight Loss

Skin/Hair Care


Pet Care


Long Distance/Utilities

Water/Air Purification

Educational Training

Discount/Benefits Packages


Legal Services




29.  What do you think is the ideal number of products that an MLM company should have (not to just focus on, but to have in the entire line)? *

30. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 still the worst, 5 the best), rate how valuable you feel these tools are to your business, or would be if you had them:

Self replicating distributor web sites

Flash/Video/Audio presentations on company web site

Online ordering and enrollment

Online back office to view your downline data

E-mail with short video or audio messages

Video conferencing

Telephone conference calls

Company voice mail

Opportunity video/DVD

Opportunity audio cassette/CD


Sample size products

31. On a 1 to 5 scale, how impressed are you by the following (1 not impressed at all, to 5 which means you would be extremelyimpressed)?

Celebrity entertainer is a distributor/customer

Famous athlete is a distributor/customer

Doctor is a distributor/customer

Well known MLM author/trainer is a distributor

Famous athlete/entertainer/politician speaks at convention

Products listed in Physicians Desk Reference

Products shipped in custom boxes

Company is debt free

Company is publicly traded

Company is "ground floor" start up

Company is 20 years old

Company manufactures their own products

Member of the Better Business Bureau

Member of the MLMIA

Member of the DSA

MLM magazine rated the company highly

Company newsletter is glossy, full color

Company runs infomercials on TV

Top earner is making over $200,000 per month

Compensation plan is patented

32.  If you had unlimited funds and could improve your current MLM program in any way you wished, what would be the first thing you would do?
(Please try your best to answer this question. Responses to this question will never be viewable by the public, so please be open and speak freely. If you can think of no possible way to improve the opportunity, just write "No opinion.")


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