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1. What did you do before network marketing and were you successful in that endeavor? 

I worked in my family's furniture store. I was introduced to the Direct Sales Industry at age 18.

2. How were you introduced to network marketing and what challenges did you have to overcome when you got started?

From a person who bought an insane amount of expensive furniture from us. The challenge was being young, 140 lbs soaking wet and selling SKINNY POWDER

3. How many companies have you been involved with before you found your current home and what attracted you to this company.

Five company's.... Two never went very far.

4. Did you have an opinion about network marketing profession before you decided to get involved?

No I had no idea what it was. That's why I did so well.

5. What was it about (your current company) that made the difference for you and give you the feeling this was the one or did they all do that for you?

Each company I have been with had it's own attraction. My current company were life changing results.

6. What was your strategy to insure that you would be successful with your company?

I treat it like a business and not a hobby.

7. What was your biggest failure in life and the lesson you learned?

Selling my distributorship in Herbalife. A year later they changed the comp plan and I would of made a lifetime fortune.  MESSAGE: stick with it.

8. Do you have trainers, speakers or others that have played a role in you growth and success in the business?

Jim Rohn

9. How specifically do you build your business regarding personal recruitment, helping those in your organization, advertising, promotion, meetings, etc….?

That's it I don't train leaders . I find Leaders and let them go to work.

10. Is recruiting just a numbers game for you or are you particular about who you sponsor and what do you offer them and they in turn have to give you?

Armatures recruit for paychecks. I look for partners.

11. How do you duplicate other leaders like yourself in your organization that give you the best results?

SEO is important . But I still desire to have a personal touch..

12. Do you use social media and how important is it to your business?

Have fun

13. If there was one thing you could suggest to someone just entering in the business what would that be?

make sure they have the tools they need. From there it's up to them.

14. Can you tell us about how you help people in your organization to be successful?

11 and 14 are mixed..  You don't  .. That's a funny question

15.  What characteristic would your leaders say about you as to why they are glad to be on your team?

I am a pain in the ass..  But I am right

16.  What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

My wife , my dog and check the surf report.

17. How has your life changed through your success in network marketing?

It's allowed me to go, meet, and  travel to places I thought I would never go.

18. What are your plans for your future?

June 2020 retire to Costa Rica . Sail ,Swim, Surf. Fish, Travel

19. Based on your present monthly earnings as an MLM professional, what dreams are you living or able to do that you never thought possible?

Being able to take over 3 times my past income (every year) and help two foundations I belong to

20. Is there anything else you feel important to know about you?

There is a old saying  about   THE PERSONAL GROWTH ALWAYS COMES BEFORE THE THE FORTUNE. That has never been truer then in the Direct Sales Industry.