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Aug 23, 2018 (10:00 AM) - Aug 27, 2018 (07:00 PM)


Generic Training

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Hendersen, Nevada United States



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Over 4 Days of high intensity training, you will get the push you need to unlock your full potential, speed up success, and become an influencer in your business!

Would it surprise you to know that people who are achieving in Network Marketing are still dealing with issues of self-doubt, fear, playing it small, procrastination, etc.?

When you start achieving, challenges don’t go away. In fact, new and unique challenges appear once you reach a certain level. Leaders have to deal with everything from identifying other leaders in their team to creating a culture to knowing how to interact with their team.

And there’s no place for leaders to go to get trained in the mindset and strategies needed to overcome these challenges. Until now…

At Beyond Leadership, you will be pushed hard to overcome the challenges unique to leaders and to reach your fullest potential. Eric will not be working on skills and fundamentals. He will be sitting down with you and working on your mindset. You will discover your limiting beliefs and how to break them. You will look at what is holding you back, and you will get proven strategies to move forward and meet your goals.

You will leave with a stronger purpose and a stronger drive. You will leave a different person.