Longaberger has gone out of business
Published: May 06, 2018

NEWARK – Longaberger, the company that once reached $1 billion in sales through direct-selling of hand-made baskets and built a seven-story basket-shaped building in Newark, has  ceased operations.

According to multiple reports from sales consultants, a Longaberger sales director posted Friday in a consultant Facebook group that the company is closing and consultants were not to take any more orders..

Telephone messages left for company spokesman Brenton Baker were not returned. Phone calls to the office in Dresden were not answered. The store in Dresden was closed.

The post from the sales director ended with the following: "I'm heartbroken to have to pass this information along, but I wanted to help you to get the information YOU NEED now from the website, so that you can be prepared as you contact your customers. Please take action as soon as possible."

The post advised consultants not to place any orders or shows, contact credit card companies to get refunds on orders not yet received, contact customers and take screenshots of tax and order information because the company's web site could shut down any time.