Bengaluru: 60 lac people duped by Rs 3,000 crores by 'Future Maker Life Care' MLM company
Published: Sep 26, 2018

The company which took advantage of commoners who dreamt of becoming millionaires overnight has duped 60 lac people throughout the country. This is the biggest multi-level marketing (MLM) scam in the history of India.

Initially, when the top brasses of this company were apprehended, the fraud was estimated to be around Rs 1200 crores. However, after intense grilling of the accused by the Telangana Cyber police team led by V C Sajjanar, an IPS officer of Karnataka, it is confirmed that the Future Maker Life Care company has duped over 60 lac people to the tune of Rs 3000 crores.

This fact was unearthed after the police subjected Radhe Shyam, managing director and Surendra Singh, director of Future Maker Life Care Global Marketing Pvt Ltd to an intense inquiry. The culprits have agreed that they have cheated people from the states of Karnataka, Telangana, Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Orissa. This information was given by Cyberabad commissioner V C Sajjanar.

Modus operandi of the company

The fraudsters used to offer gifts to investors in the beginning in order to attract them to their scheme. For members who have paid Rs 7,500 for membership, they used to take only Rs 2,500 as fee and give cloth and medicines for the rest Rs 5,000. If a person, who is already a member of the company, introduced another two people, then the company used to give Rs 500 to such a member as a commission. If those two introduce two other people, then the commission was getting doubled.

The company also promised that if the members continue their membership then they will get an amount of Rs 60,000 per month as commission on a later date. They also said that if the membership is continued in 10 stages, then at the end the member will get an amount of Rs one crore. People used to get fooled by the staggering figure the crooks were promising to pay as the commission at a later date.

Who were targetted?

Labourers, government and private employees, housewives, unemployed people, and retired persons were the main target of this company. These people use to shell out Rs 7500 for the membership fee and then bring in two others as members and take Rs 500 commission. The members used to get elated by the commission and bring in more and more people as members. The company used to pay the commission promptly in the beginning. However, as the membership increased they stopped paying the commission.

More than 200 crores confiscated so far

The police who have raided the offices of this company have so far confiscated Rs 200 crores from various bank accounts of the organization. In addition, they have also taken into possession four laptops, six mobile phones, one revolver, 10 rounds of bullets, three luxury cars and 60 lac in cash.

Growth from Rs one lac to Rs 3000 crores

Radhe Shyam, the arrested accused managing director of the company is a native of Haryana. He had worked for many chain link companies including the blacklisted Goodway and Right Concept Marketing. Six years ago Radhe Shyam had opened an office in a small room at Hissar in Haryana at an investment of only one lac. He had got his FMLC company in Delhi and was the president and chief managing director of the company. He had recruited Bansilal as the manager and Surendra Singh, Manoj and Sabbir Singh as the directors.

Radhe Shyam used to attract gullible people by giving attractive advertisements about the company on online and social sites. Radhe Shyam and Bansilal used to roam in luxury cars like SUV, Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and Jaguar in the money which they got easily by cheating people. Most of the time they were enjoying their life abroad.

At present Radhe Shyam and Surendra Singh are in police custody while others are absconding.

Karnataka IPS officer cracks the case

V C Sajjanar, an IPS officer of Karnataka has played a stellar role in the unearthing of this infamous case. He is a native of Karnataka and completed his IPS in 1996 from Andhra Pradesh and presently he is the police commissioner of Cyberabad. He has requested people to be more alert about such fraudsters who attract people online and on social sites.